Best Hotel Reservation Apps 2020

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  3. TripAdvisor
  4. HotelTonight
  5. Trivago
  6. Agoda

  • Are hotel reservation sites guaranteed and reliable?
  • How do hotel reservation sites work?
  • Can the hotel cancel my reservation?

Best hotel reservation apps 2020 

Here are the best hotel reservation apps 2020 with the hotel reservation sites guaranteed in our list of the most famous hotel reservation sites.

Spontaneous and unplanned travel can be very fun. However, it is always best to plan ahead well, especially if you are going to a place you haven’t been to before. But luckily a good thing there are travel ticket booking hotels and hotels of various kinds that you can download for free on your own phone. This is especially great if you are traveling on a budget. Since you can choose a hotel room rate, car rental, meals and the like, you will definitely be included in your travel. Wouldn’t it be better if you feel peace of mind knowing you already have a hotel to stay at the moment you reach your destination? Why waste time searching for a hotel when you can pre-book rooms? This way, you can also save time for other things, such as enjoying your trip.

Save yourself a disaster reaching the hotel only to find out that all rooms are no longer available. Book ahead and get hotel reservation sites guaranteed with these apps. Best hotel reservation apps. We have reached an era where everything can be easily planned with just our phones. From hotel room reservations, flights, car rental, tours, to trip planning. Whether you are going to a specific city for a meeting, event or vacation, alone, with someone or with your family, you can always count on our list of these best hotel reservation apps. With this, you can choose the hotel you want and book the room type and accommodation you are looking for.

If you travel frequently inside or outside the country, is an app you can rely on. It is known to be the last minute booking app. With this app, you can quickly book a room even on the same day that you will need to use it. It provides you with a variety of options, whether you are looking for budget friendly hotels or luxury hotels. Helps you find a hotel according to your needs and preferences. The main reason why it is ideal for frequent travelers is its membership program. If you register as a member, you will get free stays and long-term discounts. The app also allows you to pay using different payment methods or multiple options. Which makes it more reliable. Just be sure to read its policies, especially when you want to cancel a reservation. Download the app : is not only one of the best hotel reservation apps, it is also one of the best rated travel apps for Android. The app is used and trusted by over 100 million people. Big number. What makes this app great is that it allows you to receive travel, home or hotel reservation offers, whether you’re traveling for work, vacation or just a weekend. With this app, you can search for hotels, rent homes, hotels, etc., totaling 1.5 million hotels worldwide. With one click, you can search based on the hotel name, landmark, country, or city. It is easy to use. You can narrow down your options by filtering your search by degree of review, budget, or anything you search for in a particular hotel. Reliable whether for advanced bookings or last minute reservations. Features:

5 million real estate: hotels, vacation rentals, and other residences at the last minute and advanced as you want free cancellation and great travel offers for every budget Managing your reservation on the move Filter your search by degree of review, price, cleanliness, WiFi quality and other criteria.


TripAdvisor is one of the most popular hotel and travel reservation apps and of course it is. It is basically the perfect last-minute plan planning tool. It helps you find the best hotel based on your own opinion and based on suggestions from local experts and other travelers. Not only for hotel reservations, but everything else you need while on a trip: restaurants, attractions, tours and name. Whether you just want to see specific restaurants or hotels on the map, book tables or rooms already booked, or search for the right place. , TripAdvisor is definitely an app you can rely on. Features: More than 700 million comments and recommendations from travelers and experts Save and organize travel ideas Browse photos, articles, trips and videos for reference

Book, modify and cancel free hotels, restaurants, tours and attractions, a large collection of accommodations, attractions, experiences and tours.


HotelTonight adds a different twist to traditional hotel reservations. When you search for a hotel using this app, you get categories like basic, medium and luxury. You can also filter your search based on rates and concierge services, or even based on room availability for same-day reservations. You can also check what you expect in a hotel based on reviews and ratings. But the bonus is the app rewards program, which provides discounts for frequent or regular travelers. The only negative review of this app is customer service and support. Well, this is something the company can improve on. But overall, the travel and hotel app is still great and one of the best I can get. Features: Find and book last minute hotels with great deals, easy and fast booking within seconds.


Of course one of the most popular booking apps get the best hotel rates with Trivago. Praised as one of the 10 best money-saving apps that you can rely on, Trivago is best for frequent travelers. Features:  You can compare prices, discounts, deals, and find hotels, bed and breakfasts, and hotels that can accommodate your needs and budget.  It allows you to keep your hotel search well within your budget, with over a million hotels to choose from. Trivago is really more about helping travelers get the best deals and prices. Book hotels cheaply. Designed for travelers looking for the best hotel rates and discounts. 


Agoda will not complete the list of the finest hotel reservation sites and apps without the lowest quality. It is equipped with all standard features of the hotel and travel applications, such as choosing check-in and check-out dates and customizing filters according to rating, price, location and others. What distinguishes Agoda is that it has a “Suggest things to do” feature that basically gives you suggestions for activities you can do when visiting a particular place. Therefore, if you are not sure what sites to visit and what to do, Agoda will make it easy for you to make your choice. Agoda also allows you to compare airline tickets. This includes getting your room from the airport to your reserved hotel. Features: Additional features of last minute deals, classified offers, interior offers, and more More than 1,900,000 hotels, villas and rental cars

 Verified reviews, local experience information, high-resolution images are easy to choose and great support. 

Are hotel reservation sites guaranteed and reliable?

Yes, it is generally reliable. The fact that millions of users trust these hotel reservation sites means that these sites work, not a scam. But it’s always best to read reviews and look at usual complaints when using a specific site or app in Google Play’s comments.

How do hotel reservation sites work?

It depends on the site or application you are using. But in general, the usual steps include creating an account, searching for a specific hotel, registering the number of guests and the check-in and check-out date, and that’s it. The rest, as already said, now depends on the site you are using.

Can the hotel cancel my reservation?

 If the hotel canceled your reservation in advance and provided suitable reasons for that, it can. But if the hotel cancels that without giving any reason or cancels it without your knowledge, then you are within your rights to file a formal complaint. Travel easily and safely The apps listed here are the best hotel apps based on search engine results, reviews, actual customer experience and other factors. The important thing is that you will be able to plan your next trip without worry. Whether you are looking for a clean hotel, a room with a view, a luxurious suite, or a room for two, you can do it wherever and whenever. This is what hotel apps are booked. You are now just a few clicks away from booking your next destination. Plan your trip, book safely and enjoy it. 

Are you satisfied with the booking apps we suggested? We hope you find the app that best suits your criteria. If not, do not hesitate to let us know so comments are below.


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