Top 5 paper cutters on the market for 2020

Before you decide to buy a paper cutter, you should know some very important things. Because you will surely regret if you do not improve the selection, there are many users who complain about the device stalling, or the terrible noise, or even poor paper shredding.

Even if you want to return the paper chopper and get your money back, you will often face rejection if the guarantee is lost.

In order to avoid this inconvenience, you should be aware of what you are buying. Don’t be tempted by the low prices of some of the paper shredders available in the market, because it is a market that is tiring you slow. Therefore, we collected the elite of the paper shredder in the market with some main specifications that must be in each paper shredder.

List of Top 5 Paper Cutters.

  1. Fellowes Powershred 62 ™ Document Tredder
  2. Rexel Auto + 60X Document Paper Cutter
  3. AmazonBasics Paper Cutter
  4. PS300-21 Peach destructeur paper cutter
  5. Destructeur multifonction paper cutter

Fellowes Powershred 62 ™ Document Tredder

The Fellowes Powershred is one of the best in the market due to its many exciting features. You can destroy thick paper, bank cards, and even staples by using a slicer. It is also suitable for destroying CDs or other similar materials. You can use it for 7 continuous minutes before stopping it.

Because of its small and elegant size, you can place it as a small office or home as you wish. Resulting in a volume of 65 dB with a transparent interface to allow you to see the level of chopped paper. The manufacturer also added a safety lock to avoid tampering, and it is advised to use this device individually to avoid leakage.

Rexel Auto + 60X Document Paper Cutter

This paper cutter has the capacity to hold 60 to 80 sheets in one go. To perform the procedure, all you have to do is put the sheets in the tray, then fold the cover and turn on the machine. In fact, Rexel Auto + works automatically. In circuit breakers, it intersects and provides a P-3 safety level.

This professional device is well suited for office use. It is an excellent destructive device in addition, if your papers are attached with staples or paper clips and you do not have the patience to remove these metal particles one by one, then Rexel Auto + suits you.

AmazonBasics Paper Cutter

AmazonBasics has the ability to cut cards and credit cards as well as metal particles like paper clips. Very strong, very fast and very safe, so do not worry that you can be hurt.

It will definitely suit impatient people with a manual cancellation function, which makes it possible to easily unlock papers. Moreover, if you need more energy, it will suit you as it runs on electrical current.

Low noise with 14 liters box for heavy use, suitable for home and office.

PS300-21 Peach destructeur paper cutter

The non-electric paper shredder performs cross cutting. However, it is advisable to use it gradually, i.e. intermittently twisted paper for better performance. This device also enables you to chop CDs and credit cards with this device.

It is recommended for home use. It will be a real nightmare if you use it as the office will waste a lot of time putting paper after sheet. But it will be useful for small offices or individual use as it can accommodate about 4 liters of torn paper space.

You can expand the space of the torn paper container by adding a plastic bag to give you a more luxurious choice. It also passes with low noise.

Destructeur multifonction paper cutter

This paper shredder can chop CDs, papers and cards for very small pieces. This machine can tear 3 cards simultaneously, 4 credit cards and 3 CDs. To represent a suitable chopping monster for everyone.

If you are looking for value for a price then you are with the right choice. Very low noise, handcrafted, simple to use with multiple functions. This machine comes with a plastic structure, but it is strong and solid, so you do not need to use electricity. In short, it is practical and fun to use.


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