The 5 Best Electric Egg Cookers of 2020

Egg cookers or egg boilers are small electric devices, mainly used for making breakfast. They have enough space for boiling several eggs at the same time. The most important thing is, every egg has its separate station which means they are not bashing against each other.

Another useful feature is that there’s no need for waiting for water to start boiling. Eggs start cooking instantly, and the amount of used water is just here to determine egg hardness.

When you buy an egg cooker, you usually get a measuring cup with it. This cup is used for calculating the needed amount of water, based on the number of eggs you are cooking and the desired level of firmness.

Here is the best 5 Egg Cookers in the Market:

DLC egg cooker

1. DLC egg cooker

This kettle or egg boiling machine can also boil corn and is considered a very distinctive device in its use and easy to use, it can also be very appropriate in cooking many foods such as baked by steam, and if we look at cooking eggs, we find that this device can boil 8 Eggs at the same time, how easy it is to clean after boiling.


2. Orbit cooker

A great device that boils eggs in record time, as this device may be one of the best devices ever from your wonderful kitchen appliances, this device absorbs 7 eggs at one time and it boils eggs very quickly with a limited consumption of electrical energy as it consumes 360 watts / hour has a cover of The steel is stainless steel and does not transfer heat outside with the outer texture.


3. Slake On Egg Cooker

This product is one of a major group at Slake On among a group that includes a liquid water boiler as well as a steamed bread heater, and the part we are talking about comes an egg cooker, it works at a capacity of 500 watts per hour, the outside body and the handle does not transfer the strong heat that is inside The device.

Black & Decker Boiler

4. Black & Decker Boiler

The overall shape of the device is great and does not take much space in storage and can be brought anywhere you want to go to, this device contains 7 places for eggs at boiling time, this device is characterized by white color, the required capacity of electricity is low so this device needs 280 watts per hour.


5. Swedish Egg Cooker

This device that boils eggs how much its overall shape is very elegant and gives the shape of a chicken that has a wonderful color characterized by phosphorous color and absorbs 7 eggs at a time from boiling, is based on boiling eggs quickly and easy to clean, how much is very cheap price than other devices and is available in it Significantly, safety element.


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