Top 5 vehicle tracking devices and everything you should know about 2020

Looking at the value of cars and trucks, it’s strange that we don’t monitor them closely, right? For example, where is your car now? If you bought a car for a family member like an older child, how do you know that it is driving safely? Provided it is not returned and is damaged, God forbid, with a faulty motor, or with a peeled coating, it may be difficult to know.

Then there are those people who run the business that maintains the fleets of vehicles for their employees – even if there is only one car, then surely this represents a large portion of the commercial capital. If you want to track the car and how you drive it – whether it is your car, your loved one, or a working vehicle – then the vehicle tracker is the right way to do it. It can provide driving records very precisely, and depending on the model you select, it can give the precise location of the car in moments.

In this guide, we will guide you to some of the best car GPS trackers on the market and help you find what suits your needs without spending a lot of money.

The best vehicle tracking device for this year

  1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker
  2. Vyncs GPS Tracker
  3. Amcrest AM-GL300 vehicle tracking device
  4. Optimus Tracker
  5. Trak4 Mobil Vehicle Tracking Device

Spy Tec STI GL300 Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

One of the barriers that can prevent many people from investing in GPS tracking devices is the assumption that they are complicated in use. Spy Tec took this idea and threw it out of the window with this very easy to use device.

For one very good reason, the device itself is very small, about 3 inches long and weighing about 8 ounces. As large and as heavy as other car tracking devices, this is small! Despite its small size, it is nice to see this device has good battery life, with a life of about two weeks – it will last more if you use the device intermittently.

In use, it’s nice and simple too, with Google Maps syncing when migrating information. Good to see that feature is on that device, because Google Maps, in general, is an app that includes maps for almost every place and it is what everyone knows and we all know. Utilizing this familiarity with Google Maps makes the product easy to use. Real-time updates are provided every 5 seconds for extreme accuracy, and a specific geographical fence can be set up, which means that you will receive an alert via text message or email if the vehicle leaves a specific area.

The device in a general sense is all in all in a comprehensive way, this is a very useful model that comes with a set of useful features and a very economical price.

Main advantages:

  • Real time updates
  • Compatible with google maps
  • Very simple size

Vyncs GPS Tracker

Our next product comes from Vyncs, the car tracker manufacturer, which is a small high-tech device with a bunch of interesting design points. One of the most interesting things about this model isn’t actually a design point or feature – instead it’s the fact that it’s an active GPS tracker without paying any monthly fees.

In the meantime, let us discuss practical aspects. This model does not use a battery as it is directly connected to the vehicle itself, specifically to the OBD-II port. This means that maintenance is almost nonexistent, as there is no need to recharge. You need to have a little bit of cunning or malice to hide the device, or the car thief can take it off right away – my friend’s prank haha.

This device accesses the 3G data network to connect itself to a laptop or tablet. This is the reason why there are no monthly fees, but this could mean that mobile phone data outages can lose signal and may struggle in rural or no coverage areas to obtain acceptable communication quality.

Main advantages:

  • Uses 3G mobile data technology
  • Real time updates
  • Powered directly by car – no batteries

Amcrest AM-GL300

This is another easy to use GPS car tracker. Simply turn it on (and ensure the battery is charged) and then place it inside the car – in the trunk, for example, or wherever you want. You can then access the tracking software to get real-time updates about the vehicle’s location and speed at any time.

You can also use it as a digital guard. You can, for example, set a specific geographical area and if the vehicle leaves it you will receive an alert. Set that area to be the size of your region, and get an alert every time the vehicle spins in that area. You can do the same for speed, get an alert every time the car exceeds 80 mph for example.

This vehicle tracker has a price just a little over its predecessor, which is very good value in both terms compared to some other devices. Just keep in mind that this device uses the G2 mobile network which is quite out of date. As the second generation networks are not as widely available as before, so you may have to check local coverage before deciding to purchase this device.

Main advantages:

  • Battery lasts 10-14 days
  • Its size is smaller than a cigarette lighter
  • Alerts for overspeed

Optimus Tracker

That same tracking unit is exactly what you would expect for any high level tracker. It’s black, weighs a few ounces, is about the size of a cigarette lighter, etc. – it’s the same as most others we’ve already seen. It even has a similar battery life of around 10 days depending on the use of the device itself.

So what is the distinction in this model? Well, the feature that makes it different from many other GPS car trackers is the app that you use to monitor vehicle location and driving record.

It is very simple and easy to use application. You can also manage every aspect of the device from it. So not only do you see the vehicle history, you can also set alerts for the vehicle entering or leaving a specific area or exceeding the set speed. The device also sends alerts that remind you to charge the battery, which is actually a very useful feature.

Main advantages:

  • Its application is compatible with both Android and IOS
  • Continuous updates every 30 seconds
  • Warnings to constantly alert you of everything happening around you

Trak-4 GPS

There are a number of useful features of this Trak4 GPS Vehicle Tracker, all of which say that this device is truly special and will not go unnoticed. Let’s start with something a little different from any other model we’ve seen so far, and that’s the case with the mentioned device. Many GPS trackers can have weather resistance which is definitely optional and shouldn’t come on all devices – this model really comes with all of that. This means that it can be installed externally including anywhere such as the outside of the car or trailer.

Another prominent feature that comes with this vehicle tracker is an incredibly high capacity battery. When the screen brightness is set to the lowest level, the device can last for a whole year with one charge. It uses 3G data network which means it should be able to find a signal almost anywhere in any country.

The tracking software for the device is easy to use, and can be used on a laptop – you can simply log in to your account and you can locate the car in seconds. It also maintains a record of speed and past locations and you can set up alerts based on these factors as well.

Main advantages:

  • High Capacity Battery – can last up to 12 months with one charge
  • 3G network is used
  • Close protection against all weather conditions
  • User-friendly interface



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